Radioactive Amusement Park abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster!

Although some stories differ, it’s commonly believed that Ukraine’s Prypiat Amusement Park closed on the very same day it opened: April 27, 1986, exactly one day after the catastrophic Chernobyl nuclear disaster brought the world to a standstill. Radiation levels in parts of the park are still dangerously high.

The park had four attractions: Ferris wheel, bumper cars, swing boats, and a paratrooper ride. The Ferris wheel already became the iconic.

Creepy factor: 10/10

21K Environment Map –

8-bit Preview for 32-bit HDR Backplate 04

8-bit Preview for 32-bit HDR Backplate 05

Render Example:  directly from Keyshot. HDR light only. No Extra lights. No Photoshop adjustments.



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