Power Plant Turbine Hall – New 30K Env Map with extremely high Dynamic Range of 110.38 Evs and 5 High res HDRI Backplates!

There are many variations in Power Plant configurations and design, at the most basic of levels, a fossil fuel is combusted to produce steam, which then rotates a turbine that drives an alternator, to provide electricity.

Power Plant is a complex arrangement of pipework and machinery with a myriad of interacting control loops and support systems.

A Turbine Hall is typically extremely loud, and in the case of steam cycle plants, like here, it’s also hot.

Please, welcome the 1960s fully functional analog machinery miracle!


Render Example:  directly from Keyshot. HDR light only. No Extra lights. No Photoshop adjustments.

8-bit Preview for 32-bit HDR Backplate 03

8-bit Preview for 32-bit HDR Backplate 01




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