High Resolution HDR Environment Maps Store is Online!



High Resolution HDR Environment Maps Store is Online!

Project   www.imagebasedlife.com  is now live!

With an HDR panoramic environment map of an unprecedented resolution up to 30,000 pixels wide you no longer need a separate backplate image!
An HDR panorama of such resolution will support your background needs even for a large-scale rendering.
But if you still need a backplate for a different lens or camera angle ImageBasedLife offers a set of high-res HDR backplates
for each map to match your camera and exposure needs.

Www.imagebasedlife.com starts with the initial stock of 5 high-res environment maps (21K to 30K pixel wide!)
and many more are coming soon! Really SOON!  🙂


Credits go to:

Roman Lapaev – Concept Designer at Intuitive Surgical http://lapaev.com/
– for invaluable development direction and continuous tech. support

Jonathan Berube – VFX Art Director at Blizzard Entertainment  www.berubefilms.com
–  for mentoring and sharing knowledge on HDR Photography and its application in VFX


Special Thanks to

These awesome artists:  Fausto De Martini  – www.fausto3d.com , Joe Petersonwww.xenopod.net ,

Bogdan Gabelkohttp://bogdanbl4.deviantart.com and Vitaly Bulgarovwww.bulgarov.com

– for feedback/suggestions and continuous inspiration!

David Keegan – Director of Design at   www.acorns.com   for technical advising

Friends and Family – for scouting locations, logistics support and patience 🙂